What We Do  | Employ and Deploy

Neeyamo’s Employ-Deploy Services Suite is designed to create positive imprints on your talent acquisition needs by ensuring superior candidate experience, quality of hire and enhanced overall efficiency from employment to deployment. A better candidate experience goes far for organizations to attract the top talent demands while effective deployment ensures quicker integration of employee to the business and improved compliance.

Background Verification

The importance of employee background verification cannot be underestimated in ensuring compliance and risk containment. Fraudulent resumes, employee data theft, workplace violence, negligent hiring trials, etc. result in gaps when performing employee background checks. Neeyamo understands how important employee background verification is during the client’s Onboarding Process.



There is only one chance for a first impression. Bringing aboard a new employee is not just about paperwork and checklist; it is a transformational experience both to the employee and the organization. Onboarding process is designed to make a new hire into an excited, engaged and enthusiastic employee. It helps the newest member to get connected to the company culture and become productive in the shortest time possible. Onboarding is the perfect time to initiate long term employee retention. Therefore, it is important to eliminate the administrative burden from the process.