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Neeyamo and hSenid has entered into a strategic agreement to bring hSenid’s HRIS suite of products to the Inadian and sub-continental market

Chennai, India , Nov28, 2012

Neeyamo Enterprise Solutions (P) Ltd., a leading global provider of HRO services and solutions and hSenid Business Solutions (P) Ltd., largest provider human resource information systems in Sri Lanka has entered into a strategic partnership, to bring hSenid’s HR suite of products to the Indian and the sub-continental market. The products include on premise HRIS HRM Enterprise and on cloud HRIS People’s HR. Also planned is a mega reach out planned in the forthcoming NHRD National Conference in Hyderabad on November 29, 2012 to December 1, 2012.

The partnership entered with Neeyamo will create a platform for business growth for both the companies as Neeyamo has demonstrated global capabilities in the field of human resource consulting, technology and operations with proven services delivery capabilities in the sub-continent. hSenid has proven systems that will address needs of budget sensitive and functionality hungry large as well as mid and small sized companies. Its products are cutting edge with cutting edge functionalities including support for enterprise mobility and the cloud. It is widely used by customers worldwide with market dominant position in Sri Lanka (more than 80% of the companies using HRIS uses its products there).

Commenting on the relationship, Neeyamo’s CEO Ashok Bildikar said, “While Neeyamo is a technology an agnostic service provider; it is always looking at opportunities to provide its customers with a platter of technology options that are cost efficient and cutting edge. hSenid’s suite of product and our strategic collaboration with it on localization effort offers just that”.

“The solutions that we provide to local companies, would have far reaching benefits, in terms of efficiency and cost effectiveness”, hSenid Founder and CEO, Dinesh Saparamadu said. “We were looking for a strong partner who would be interested in widening the Asian footprint. Neeyamo is the choice partner and we have been working with them for the past three years and we expect to further strengthen our relationship,” he said.

“We plan to have a strong footprint in the Asian sub-continent by providing alternative HR solutions” Rangarajan Seshadri, Vice President of Neeyamo said. “We are having a dedicated hSenid-Neeyamo Partnership booth at the Exhibition Hall and will have the product experts to demonstrate and talk about these product functionalities” Rangarajan added.

Neeyamo is focusing on expanding its presence in key geographies including North America, Western Europe and APAC markets. Much of this expansion is expected to be serviced out of this global delivery centers in Philippines and India. This partnership will further enable its objective.