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Neeyamo Inc. and World First USA, Inc. Partnership to Enable Secure, Efficient, and Simplified International Payments for Global Payroll Clients

California, USA, Oct4, 2016

Neeyamo Inc., a leading specialty provider of global payroll and HR services and solutions to organizations worldwide with long-tail operations, announced today that it has partnered with World First USA, Inc. (World First), a leading International Payments company, to deliver a cost-saving International Payments service to Neeyamo's rapidly expanding global payroll customer base.

As global organizations look to integrate their global payroll operations, they will increasingly see a need to have simplified, standardized, and efficient global processes to make payments to their global employee base. With the new partnership, customers have an option to consolidate international payments and settle transactions in a single currency, receive excellent exchange rates, and manage transaction audit and tracking amongst the whole host of other benefits.

"Neeyamo is keen to be the one stop solution for all Global Payroll needs," said Vivek Khanna, Chief Client Partner at Neeyamo. "Our partnership with World First enables us to provide our customers with an attractive option for addressing their international employee payments and treasury management needs."

“Our goal is to deliver the best International Funds Transfer service possible to help businesses manage their global payroll customer base. Our international payroll product makes it easy for organizations to pay overseas employees in multiple currencies quickly and efficiently. Neeyamo offers a Global Payroll and HR Compliance solution for businesses to pay their global employee base efficiently. Together we are able to put forward an impressive product for clients globally." Seth Harvey, Global Head of Partnerships.

About Neeyamo

With more than 1,500 professionals specializing in delivering Global Payroll and HR services across 150+ countries, Neeyamo is one of the world's foremost providers of HRO services for multinationals with operations spread across a Long Tail of countries. The Neeyamo solution has powerful capabilities and a unique delivery model for its HR service offerings to meet specific market requirements. Its service lines cover entire pre-hire to post-retire employee life cycle. For more information about Neeyamo, visit Neeyamo’s website

About World First USA, Inc. 

World First USA, Inc. helps businesses streamline their global payroll by making it easy to pay overseas employees in multiple currencies. This allows payroll departments to save time by eliminating additional resources needed to tackle the complexities of paying employees globally. With leading technology, World First USA, Inc. assists to quickly upload beneficiary details, receive excellent exchange rates and execute pay-runs in just a few clicks. Transitioning to an automated payments solution may help mitigate financial and legal risk that businesses could face by not outsourcing their existing global payroll processes. For more information, visit the World First website.