Who we are? | Our Ideals

Neeyamo believes positive values are the foundation to building healthy relationships. The values we live by are worth more than one may realize on first thought. The kinfolk at Neeyamo believe that our values serve to guide us along the right path whether in our day to day business interactions, or relations with our employees, clients, vendors, government and the society, ensuring true triumph.


 Quality                    Neeyamo’s habit for excellence is quality

Performance     We believe organized activity and maintained enthusiasm is the key to well-tuned performance

Ethics                         We account ourselves to hold the highest ethical standards

Fairness                   At Neeyamo fairness is not just a matter of choice, but a way of life

Mentorship           We recognize that the need for mentorship is to provide a platform to develop our people, to better serve                                                                               communities and in large the global environment

Innovate                  There is always a way to do things better, we assist you in finding and doing it – we innovate

Strategy                   Result oriented strategy is the principal focus Neeyamo has when formulating a solution

Transparency    Trust with Neeyamo is a result of transparency