SuccessFactors | Overview


Depending on where you are in the SuccessFactors Lifecycle, we can support you in one of 4 ways

1. Implementing SuccessFactors?

Congratulations on your decision to implementSuccessFactors! You have made the right technology choice and it is now vitally important to select a partner who can help you maximize value from the implementation.

Why Neeyamo for SuccessFactors?

a. Neeyamo can help you Go-Live Faster: Breaking the myth that HRIS implementations need to be long and complicated, Neeyamo implements SuccessFactors using Rapid Deployment Solution (RDS) approach thatsignificantly accelerates go-live.

b. Ready HR process blueprints: Instead of asking to design all your HR processes, Neeyamo’sready- to-use HR process blueprints are available to you – These are configured to work on SuccessFactors already, give your organization a huge headstart in the implementation process mapping.

c. Live Instance available: Taking all the guesswork out of implementation, we show you live what the impact of your changes wil be – so your decision making process is much simpler than when looking at process maps or an excel sheet!

d. HR Specialists, certified in SuccessFactors:Neeyamo is a core HRO services company – and provides full scope services for many global customers. Our team has GPHR certified professionals, who are also certified in SuccessFactors. This unique combination of process delivery skills and technical specialization allows us to build more effective and complete solutions for you

d.We deliver complete solutions on SuccessFactors:The Neeyamo team builds complete solutions around your process – instead of just listing what is possible on the product, we go the full distance to find out what you really need. We collaborate with you to work around product limitations and craft solutions that fit your needs – and not the other way round

2. Already have a SuccessFactors Partner ?

If you are already working with someone to implement SuccessFactors, great! We can still help you.

a. Configuration Audit

We audit your configuration workbooks to ensure that your processes are reflecting correctly, so your partner can help deliver better. During this, we also maximise your SF set-up to ensure you are using all features available in SF to your full advantage.

b. Independent Testing

We independently test your implementation instance by leveraging extensive test cases with “edge” conditions and provide you test results. Our independent testing service is designed to improve the overall integrity and accuracy of the system, savingHR & IT testing effortwhile supporting your implementation team as well as your end-user HR organization. This ensures “zero” surprise when you go-live.

c. Data Migration

Given our extensive experience in implementation, we understand how difficult data migration can be. We help you generate data for upload in SuccessFactors specific CSV formats; sequence data migration process to eliminate the usual “gotchas” and simplify uploads.

3. SuccessFactors is Live ?

If your SF is already live, Congratulations! We help you maximize value of your investment.

a. On-demand Technical & Functional Support

We can support to resolve common (and uncommon!) SF issues that you face. We build custom MDFs (metadata framework) to help meet specific workflow needs – forms, custom reports, route maps, implementing time-off for multiple countries – tell us what you need and we’ll get it done!Our team of SF certified professionals and HR process specialists provide specialist, dedicated fanatical support to help you enjoy using SuccessFactors and make the most of it !

b. Build Extensions

Sometimes you have needs that SF cannot do natively - We help you extend your SuccessFactors scope with Hana Cloud Platform (HCP) applications that run natively on SuccessFactors. Look at our list of innovative solutions and whats coming..

c. Integration Support

SuccessFactorscan be seamlessly integrated with SAP and other enterprise systems that you might have. With our specialist capability in Boomi and HCI, combined with years of integration speciality across middleware – we are your best bet to get SF talking to your other applications!

d. UserFlows

Neeyamo provides a “How do I…?” widget that guides users at every click on how to specific tasks in your SF instance. UserFlows is a custom built real-time guide exclusively for your SuccessFactors users. Imagine a series of interactive tip-balloons overlaid on the screen that tells users exactly where to click to complete the next step! It transforms the way you train users, handle change management with new releases and features.–Curious? See how it works - Video

4. Considering Successfactors upgrade?

If you are considering upgrade, we can assist you.

a. Upgrade Advisory

Neeyamo will study SF’s Internal Release Review notes and publish a release readiness snapshot report for your specific instance. Not all new features may help you – and you don’t want to miss out on things that make your life simpler!We walk you through the new features, assess impact and show you how you can take advantage of them – and whether they will make a difference to your instance.

b. Upgrade Testing on SF instance

Our team of experts will upgrade your test instance via Upgrade Centre, conduct complete testing on the applied upgrades.The business impact of the upgrade will be analysed and we will build a rollout plan for you.